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iQL is equipped with the following:

Tobii eyetracker

iQL is equipped with Tobii consumer eyetrackers at every workstation. Serveral Tobii Pro eyetrackers are available for high-precision experiments.

Wacom One Tablets

iQL is supploed by <a href="">Wacom</a>  with multiple Wacom One-Tablets.By using the data created through handwriting recogntion with the pen, it is possible to draw conclusions about the level of knowledge of the user.

Microsoft Hololens

Several „Microsoft Hololens“ augmented reality glasses with which experiments can be carried out are located in the laboratory.

Infrared cameras

With the help of small infrared cameras the temperature of the face and especially the temperature of the nose can be measured in order to draw conclusions on the cognitive load by the change of these temperatures.


J!NS MEME (by the Japanese eyewear manufactur JINS) are smart glasses equipped with acceleration, tilt and electro-ocular sensors. The electro-ocular measurement oft he eye movement through several small electrodes around the nose allows conclusions to be drawn about reading behaviour, attention and effort.

E4 wristband

Empatica’s E4 wristband is equipped with sensors that measure hand movement, hearbeat and electro-dermal activity. The electro-dermal activity, the change in the conductivity of the skin, e.g. during sweating, allows knowledge about the exertion and stress of the test subject.

Chair pressure sensors

The workstations in iQL are equipped with pressure sensors on the chairs. The pressure distribution of the seated person can be used to determine the current sitting position and it’s sitting behaviour in order, for example, to detect restlessness and suggest breaks.

Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards

The iQL is equipped with 2 Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards D8400. These enable joint work and the presentation of results for all participants in the room. With the help of pxio technology, the whiteboards can also display the screens of all participants to allow a discussion of all results simultaneously. This makes it possible to check the correct course of study on all devices at the same time.