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The Philosophy of iQL

Sensors allow us to gain a direct insight into processes and conditions that are otherwise invisible to outside observers. Does a person feel uncomfortable in the learning situation given to him; is the task given too difficult to be completed or do the environmental conditions induce stress which has a negative effect on the efficiency of the task accomplishment? In order to measure such conditions, we use a large number of sensors.

The Immersive Quantified Learning Lab (iQL) is a cyber-physical learning environment with technology-based, interactive communication media. These technologies are used to analyse individual preferences based on sensors and thus to model teaching-learning processes and to optimise concepts. Through the use of intelligent analysis and deep learning methods, individual support measures are to be provided for each age group. Teaching content and cognitive behavior, emotional state (e.g. stress) and motoric activity (e.g. scientific-technical experimentation) are recorded and processed synchronously based on sensors.

iQL provides an insight into the latest sensor technologies such as electro-ocular glasses, electro-dermal bracelets, eyetrackers or augmented reality glasses and how these can be used in learning and work scenarios to measure the cognitive state of test subjects and to create conditions that reduce cognitive stress and increase efficiency.


The objectives of iQL can thus be summarised as follows:

  • Design of ubiquitous, interactive, networked and participatory learning environments and worlds to open up our everyday environment with mobile, modern media known from today's everyday life and by implementing Cutting Edge technologies.
  • Development and implementation of sensor-based analysis methods using eye tracking, thermal imaging cameras, instrumented chairs and smart watches, smart desks and 3D projections of virtual objects (hololens). Multiple smart desks can be combined into large displays to solve problems cooperatively.